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April 4, 2001 // 9:08 p.m. // I can't read your signals!!!

If there's a way to keep from sleeping through Astronomy, I have yet to find it. Today, on one of the most important days of the semester, I found myself staring at the back of the neck of the girl who I have a crush on just to stay awake. It worked so-so. I'm just glad that she didn't turn around to notice.

The semester ends in less than one month, meaning I only have 11...make that 10 days to get the courage to ask her out, or either of the other two girls who I've fallen for in History and English. The girl from History, whom I'll call "Terri girl" has been messing with my mind beyond belief. What she'll do, is sit in the desk next to me, but she won't face forward. She'll turn herself sideways, facing me and taking notes this way, and she'll extend her legs to the point to where they're almost under mine. Then, for all 50 minutes of class, she'll bite her nails. Three days a week, at least 50 minutes a day. This is not an embelishment. Plus, the chomping is always right in my right ear. It's worse than Chinese Water Torture. (the sound *and* what she does) I can't help but look at her out of the corner of my eye, because she's attractive and she distracts me. Of course, she probably thinks I'm a psycho, as there's no doubt she sees me looking at her. Today in fact, we passed each other walking between classes. Did I mention she didn't sit next to me today? Just when you think you have them figured out...


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