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June 28, 2001 // 9:34 p.m. // Old friends, and Great Expectations

What's odd is on Tuesday, I went to Media Play for a few CD's, and seriously thought about buying both Boyz 'N The Hood and Great Expectations, but they had copies of neither, and if they did, they'd be nearly $15.00.

On Wednesday, by some freak and unexplained chance, my sister rented Boyz 'N The Hood, andlater that day, Great Expectations came on Oxygen. And even better than that, I caught the movie from the begining. While I like both, I decided I'd hold off on buying either. I do enjoy Dickens novel of Great Expectations, but I haven't read it. For a book report my senior year, I used book reviews from to compile a report, and still managed to do better than Katie, who read the book and had a poster.

Another story that fits my life. Another story relating to T.E.N.T, who apparently is in town now. If she or her family thinks I'm going back on the letter I sent her, they're dreaming.

Our video and fight scene have taken a 180 degree turn. Now, we've scrapped the most of the plot, changed the fight scene and are going to need a clock to countdown, which I'm going to buy on ebay.

Today while driving to G's, we passed Brandie, who was on her way home. It's the first time I've seen her since last summer. It turns out that she's still working at Hogle Zoo and she can get us in free, but not until the 10th. She also knows Randi. She also knows I like Randi now. What's going to happen is Brandie's going to get her phone number and address from her sister tonight, then she'll drop it in G's mailbox tomorow. I'll only ask her out (or I should say call her) if G agrees to call Rachel (or someone like her) and B agrees to call Lindsey (or someone like her).

My hair is a complete failure. Though it's been growing for months, the hair on the back of my neck isn't long enough, thus making it a no go. I hope it miraculously grows by the 28th of July.

So hopefully next weekend, on B's birthday, we can all go out and do something special. Speaking of birthdays, happy 17th birthday to you Polo. I believe you told me it was today. Best wishes, and I hope today you have the time of your life.


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