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Jason recommends the album, American Weekend by Waxahatchee

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July 3, 2001 // 9:36 p.m. // crushes? Don't answer that!

I put off calling Britt today, basically because I slept from 8-12 this morning, and from then on, I either cleaned my room, or argued with my sister about why she never answers the phone when a boy she misled calls her. My dad is to the point to where when he sees a name on the caller ID of a guy he sold a computer to we know not to answer it. The guy has called everyday multiple times for at least three weeks. I should have called her today. I won't on the fourth, or the fifth (B's birthday), so maybe on Friday the sixth. It'll be nice to talk with for longer than two minutes.

Other than these fun things, I built a bench in my backyard, and listened to music. The Gin Blossoms CD's I won from ebay arrived, and I'll likely listen to them over the albums I bought last Tuesday.

I've been getting a lot of compliments of my hair, although it looks like I just woke up in the morning (even moreso than normal). I guess it's because it is different, an havent let it grow this long since elementary school. They're nice to hear, but I may just go back to the old look tomorrow.

I got another junk email from CrushLink telling me that after following a number of links, pages and ads to find a keyword that my supposed crushes name has five letters in it. Add this to the other clue which states the crush has a first name that starts between K and O, and three of the people on my list are still in the running. The only problem is two of them I haven't emailed in a month and have no clue what I look like, and the third has my other email address, not the one the junk mail is being sent to. If it is revealed, her name will likely be Katie or Maria or something like that. Besides, doesn't almost everyone have five letters in their name, or could have five letters if they abbreviate their name?

Finally, there is justice in the world. Sisqo's CD debuted at number 7, three slots behind Weezer's debut one month earlier. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. platinum hair thong song man.

Jason. Because Nothing Compares 2 U. Viva LA Real World! P.S. I just noticed I have two of the same CD's of every artist on my favorites page.

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