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July 06, 2001 // 7:25 a.m. // the fourth and the fifth of July

I wish it hadn't taken this long for an entry. The last two nights, I've had entries planned, but have had no time to compose them.

I spent the fourth of July in the parking lot of my alma matter, watching fireworks that were set off at the University of Utah. The show was the best I have seen live. I then nearly got lost trying to get home, but the whole night I felt a tremendous feeling of calm. I just felt like staying out all night and listening to music. Earlier I watched my neighbors from my roof and my car set off fireworks, both legal and illegal. I should have gone over there. I would have seen Brandi, the older sister I never had, the mature one of the family, the level-headed one of the family. I would have seen Tiffany, the tag-a-long from ten years back who is now on the verge of moving out and graduating. It would have meant seen Kevin, their autistic child who at the time I was close with the family was just begining to learn to say words.

And then there is Lyndsy.

The two of us were best friends from the time I can remember until about ten years ago. Everyday after school we'd build treehouses, snowmen, watch DoubleDare, draw, jump on the trampoline, swing.

I had a creative writing class with her three years ago. It was the last time I saw her or heard from her until I overheard one of her friends saying that she was pregnant while we were riding to school on the bus.

At the time she was 16, and I couldn't imagine this happening to her. She was the first of my teen friends to get pregnant. Months after her first baby Jada Shareese Rodriguez was born, she got married to a man much older than she.

Now she and her husband are getting a divorce as are her parents. Her second baby is due any minute. Because of these situations, she will be moving back in.

She's only 19. If you wanted to get technical, she's only 19 years, six months and twenty-some odd days. Her birthday is only two months and three days earlier than mine, and she has two children, a divorce around the corner? It isn't easy for me to believe even 3+ years later.

Yesterday (or this morning rather) we planned to toilet paper Shay's house because well, she TP'd G's and B's. In fact, I almost felt insulted that she didn't attack my house, but her reason was that "my parents were too nice." She was waiting for us to TP her house. As soon as we arrived, she came out from her backyard. The four of us (Domo was there too) talked with her for a while. She only said two things to me, which even surprised me, as we really don't like each other. We decided the better joke would be to make her stay up all night anticipating, while we did nothing.

That is why I'm so tired. I fell asleep at 3:30 today, woke up at 5:30, and as I was about to go back to sleep at 6:30, dad called to say that the van was dead. I didn't want to say I told you so, but it's a piece of junk. It always has been, and they are finally begining to realize it.

Quick note to close with: B wants to see Scary Movie 2 and G wants to see Baby Boy, The Fast and the Furious, and A.I. We settled on the Fast and the Furious, and the movie is terrible. It was said that if you like cars, you'll like the movie. If you're in it for the plot, you'll be disappointed. There was neither. The cars weren't even that cool. For racing, maybe, but they were regular cars with fancy equipment. I mean who wants to see a pimped out VW Jetta or Toyota Supra? This runs my lifetime movie total to about 12, with this being my first in nearly two years.


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