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July 07, 2001 // 8:19 a.m. // My sister, my friends, my games

I think my sister is upset that I turned her cell phone off last night. Plus, her boyfriend isn't coming back up to SLC until the 20th, rather than the fifth, two weeks after he said he was gouing to. It seems the only reason he is comimg up here is her. His family is in St. George, and it'd be easy for him to stop driving the 300+ miles each way so often. I only turned off the phone because it annoyed me. But at least I set it next to her after I turned it off.

The reason B didn't get a gift this year for his birthday (the 5th, same day as my cousin) is because in three birthdays and three christmases, all he's ever given me is a partially used gift card. I've given him gifts on two Xmases and one birthday. Same with G. Plus, they never do the things I want to do or listen to the music I want to hear. I'm a firm believer that the driver picks the music, not the passenger. I'm even willing to compromise. We don't have to listen to The Get Up Kids or Weezer. But he only has 40 CD's (CD-R's included) and it can get pretty tiresome listening to the same CD's in his disc changer over and over again.

I miss Britt and the rest of that crew. I was more myself with them. We had more in common. I was supposed to call her that night, but was running around all day. I never got more than about five minutes at home between running my mom out to the mall, taking my sister to the store, and taking my dad to get auto parts for the '53 Chevy. I don't know what is left of the crew. When I was there, it was Britt, Crystal, Sariah, Kenny and Miles. When I returned various times, I discovered that they all sat separately. So maybe when Britt said we should get together to play basketball, she really did mean just the two of us. It doesn't matter. As long as we are able to speak again.

At Hollywood Connections, I won more than 800 tickets spending only $12. I am not sure what the game is called, but you drop a token into a slot, it rolls down a mechanism, and if it lands in one of four dump trucks, you get 10 tickets. If you hit a lever on the truck that says "dump lever," you get 100 tickets. I hit the lever four times yesterday. It's easy to time. I fell in love with the same game at Trolley Square, but it is much more difficult. For some reason, I think they are ripping me off on tickets. They cram them in a basket and weigh them. How accurate is that? But now I have 1,760 tickets saved up. Maybe that's where the group can go if we get together. That way, I can win more tics, and can hang out with them at the same time.


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