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July 08, 2001 // 10:13 p.m. // Ha, ha, ha! Money, money, money, money, moneeeey.

I'm bad. I'm sooooo bad. I found a stash of change that had been forgotten about on top of the bookshelf in the living room. Many of the coins had been rolled by my sister (evident by her name written inside the rolls) into makeshift coin rolls. I recounted the coins, and came away with $107. When you add the $7 I rolled, you come up with $114. I also went out to the car I had prior to Brita and found $7 in coins I could roll, an additional $5.65 in unrolled change and pennies.

$7 more in gold $1 coins from the post office.

I also had seven small cylinders filled to the brim with coins, which I emptied into a larger cylinder which is 11" high, and 19.5" around. This new cylinder is 3/4 of the way full.

I'll be back with a total tomorrow.

G printed our t-shirts yesterday. Unfortunatly by using a marble background on the text, it looks terrible. But on the front, it says XLING APEX KILLA B, respective nicknames for G, myself and B. The back letters spell out OWF, and underneath it reads ODDITY WRESTLING FEDERATION, all in anticipation of the 28th show.

We decided it'd be better if Alysha was an active participant in the show, and since Willie will not be back until the 27th, and he's going to a baseball game the next day, it makes perfect sense. ALysha is telling everybody, including Alisha P., Allen and Jennie (Ms. Liz). Shay also wants to attend, but for that to happen, we'd have to push the show date to the 29th, since she's returning from Cali on the 28th with Ms. Liz's family.

About the dogs I wrote about yesterday: After walking outside through the back door to lock my door, one dog ran for the fence and apparently jumped it, bceause when I got inside, I only saw one dog. It came back 35 minutes later, my dad came and let the dog out. I was then safe to retrieve my CD's and lock my doors. Today, the same dogs barked and chased my sister. Ungrateful bitches.

Britt and I had such a long conversation, that we may not have anything to talk about come Wednesday. Apparently, she and Crystal no longer get along, Sariah is still single, Glenn is married, Martha is in a serious relationship, and she and Miles broke up because he had been lying to her for over a year about something. They are still good friends, but apparently one night after Britt went on a date, he waited up until 2 a.m for her to return.

Earthquake today at about 7:58 a.m. My dad and I walked outside thinking it was a truck going by, my sister thought someone was shaking her to wake her up. Either way it was in the mid-3.something, and it kind of freaked me out.


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