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July 11, 2001 // 9:03 a.m. // Old friends.

I haven't talked to G since Monday, but I believe he's doing fine.

I cleaned out the trunk of my car, and was about to get it vacuumed when Britt called me on my cell phone. She asked if I was doing anything, I said no, and she said she and her friends were going to drive up to Millcreek Canyon for a bonfire. She said they were leaving her house at 10:00, and to bring anyone I wanted. I tried calling G, but all I got was his voice mail, and I figured he was just minutes from getting off of work.

At five minutes to 10, Britt called me again, and asked if I was coming and if I was bringing anyone. Yes and no. I told her I was in my car and on my way. When I arrived, I saw Rochelle and Destiny, two girls who nearly four years ago had a crush on me. Britt came around the corner a few minutes later.

What was odd was she seemed to be so set on getting me there at 10, but I was the only person there at the time. She left to get Sariah and Hung. I spoke with Britt and Destiny's mom and dad for the first time in more than a year. We discussed college and work, and how more is expected of their kids than was expected of them.

A few minutes after Britt left, Anita arrived. I remember giving her a ride home from the mall junior year and discussing her crush on B. After that, Jamie arrived with one of her friends. I remembered her from school, but couldn't place her face. I believe she was in a class of mine, most likely anatomy.

Sariah arrived. It was the first time I had seen her for more than a few seconds in a year. Hung also came in with Sariah, and he commented on my hair and the fact that I had to have grown since graduation. He was the third person to ask me my height that day, the second in ten minutes.

Britt's mom was extremely worried. She told us to "just light a bonfire in the park" before we left. When we finally did leave at 10:30, I wondered what the point of arriving so early was.

14 or so of us left and followed each other in a line all the way up. As we arrived at Millcreek, the sheriff told us we couldn't have firewood. So we left for Lamb's (?) Canyon. Britt's car needed gas, but two gas stations were closed. We finaly found one, bought snacks at a store, and headed out again.

The drive up to the second canyon was extremely long. Plus Hung was in my car tellin me gross makeout stories involving him and his ex, and telling me all about how it's been months since his last makeout session. He told me he'd go after Jamie if she hadn't turned back around and headed home. All I kept thinking about were the three times we egged his car, as recently as this April.

At the second spot, Britt and Sariah's college-aged friends (a little older than me) started the campfire using newspapers I hadn't had the chance to clean out of my trunk (thank goodness) earlier in the night. I hung out with Hung, Anita and her friend. Britt and a guy she likes disappeared into the woods. Sariah was too busy talking to a guy. We were at this site for about an hour. At this time, five of the guys put out the fire by urinating on it.

There were six of us at the end of the night. Britt, Sariah, Hung, Anita, her friend and me. We were going to make plans to do something else tonight. When Anita backed out, Hung suggested that the four of us should do something, though he was already an hour late. We decided against it, headed home, and called it a night. Well, almost. As we approached Hung's house, he was talking about how many hot girls he saw in Vegas, and how he and a group of guys (likely the wrestlers) wants to spend New Year's there.

"You should come with us."

"That'd be cool."

"You should come with us."

"Yep. That'd be cool."

He left his car and told me he'd call me about the Vegas thing. He's serious? I didn't think he was serious. But as I left, I was able to crank up the stereo to a volume higher than 2.

His car is getting eggs. My car is crap just because the speedometer rattles? His is cool because it has a sunroof? His car is a $900 piece of crap (probably worth $500 now). Plus his mom bought it for him!

My car runs so damn smooth and quiet, that if the speedometer needle was fixed, you'd hear nothing.


Britt: "Too much information."

Me: "What do you mean? Like it wasn't too much information when Anita said she was a virgin and her fantasy was a threesome."

Sariah: "All that smoke is getting to me."

Steve(?) "Oh, you're right. I forgot to use the smokeless firewood."

One of the college boys: "Gwen Stefani is hot."

Hung: "Well. There are two of you and there are two of us."

Hung: "All I heard was 'naked,' 'bra,' 'strip' and orgasm."

By the numbers:

5- cars headed up to the canyon.

2- a.m. The time I arrived home.

4- times we scared the girls.

4- times I listened to Alicia Keys song, "Fallin'"

100- dimes spilled on the floorboard of my car when two rolls of dimes burst.

2- jackets I brought with me.

2- celebrities I agreed were still attractive even now that they are past their prime.

135- combined age of the two celebrities. (Liz Taylor and Barbara Eden)

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