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Friday, July 13, 2001 // 7:52 a.m. // Yearbook quotes part 1

Just recently, I looked back through my yearbook at the various messages people had left. For every "have a great summer" and "stay cool", there was a message that made me feel good, and those are the messages and quotes people have written to or about me that get me through my bad days. All of the nice yearbook quotes that fit the mold have been transfered onto green pieces of paper, and then taped to the walls in my room.

Of course, there are some people who I never was able to sign the yearbook of, or wish I was able to sign something different, more meaningful or exactly how I feel. Below are some examples.


If there's a better person to ask to a dance on such short notice, I haven't found them. Thank you for agreeing to attend someone's senior prom on only one week's notice. I was extremely unorganized, and almost had to rely on you to plan something the night before. Plus, I almost ignored you at Kenny's house, kept you dancing far too long, didn't tell you where I was going when I left to talk to a friend, and you still said 'hello' to me *everytime you saw me in the hall.* Thank you for being 100 times sweeter and nicer than your sister.


If it wasn't you that called me twice late on a Friday night in November than who was it? They were calling from your house! I still have a huge crush on you and would love to learn more about you. The conversation flowed so comfortably at the dance, that I know we could be great friends.


You confuse me like no other. First you are polite and seem happy on our date, and then you try to ditch me multiple times when you mingle with your friends, and then you went over to another table and spoke with your ex-boyfriend when we went out to eat. All of this after I went above and beyond the roll of a date when it came to asking you out and complimenting you. I enjoy your writing, your loyalty, but one more thing: was it really necessary to wear heels when you are already my height?

Pea Soup,

Of my three four year crushes, you are by far the sweetest of them all. I can tell you barely remember me, but even when you would walk past me it was difficult to keep from looking out of the corner of my eye at you. There are two examples in particular. The first was freshman year when I was walking down 900 South to Smith's and you were walking up the street. You asked me if the assembly had started yet.

The second time was after the play, when you put your hands on my arms and complimented me on what a great job I did. I hope I will always be able to remember you.


You are a much better person than any of your sisters or step-sisters. You understood my problems with T.E.N.T, and didn't mock me or reduce me any less for thinking the way I did. The world needs more people like you. And if the world ever doesn't like you, I always will. Talking to you is worth having to talk to the rest of your family.

With love to all of you,


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