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Jason recommends the album, American Weekend by Waxahatchee

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July 14, 2001 // 10:37 p.m. // Dreams and car audio

Can I predict them or what? First of all the argument I was in with my friends yesterday, then a dream Thursday night/Friday morning in which I was a fourth member of Blink 182 performing freestyle rock and rap songs. In the crowd was a boy I knew from drama class. Last night at Baskin Robbins, I saw him. Quite weird seeing as how it's been over a year.

Macaroni's ready. Gotta go.

Does anybody have a recommendation for a good car audio disc changer or deck? I have an Alpine CD player which is still great, but I'm thinking to upgrade. If you know of one, either email me, or sign the guestbook. Keep in mind, the changer will have to either be Alpine compatable or an RF model if I use it with a non-compatable deck.


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