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Jason recommends the album, American Weekend by Waxahatchee

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July 16, 2001 // 4:50 p.m. // But I wouldn't want it any other way.

Just a quickie until I update tonight/tomorrow morning.

-Happy Birthday to Barbie. She's 18 today. I'd email or call her, but after a 180 degree turn in our friendship from my junior to my senior year and then another 180 from then to graduation, it wouldn't be the best idea. Plus I got her a Xmas gift last year, and she didn't even thank me for that.

-Tha van broke down again. This time 15-20 miles outside of Ogden, or 40-45 miles outside of Salt Lake. Luckily the friends we were visiting in Morgan were able to tow us home. Any takers on bets as to whether or not we will fix the van again? Anyone? We won't be getting a decent car in the forseeable future. No income this summer. That's just one more downside to having teachers as parents. Add to that the fact they're off everyday you are off, and never go out of town, and you have a psychologist analysis waiting to happen.

-Yes Briant is leaving on his mission Wednesday. His farewell was yesterday. For those of you who don't know, missionaries of the LDS church are sent all over the world to try to convert people to joining the church. Kind of like the Avon lady, a Ritter brushman or an Amway salesman.

-My new audio receiver for the car may be coming as soon as today. I'm heading to Ultimate Electronics and RC Willey to test the items I've been reading aboput online. If I buy a receiver with an auxillary input, I can hook up an MP3 player to it, and I won't have to buy a disc changer. Or I could do the smart thing and use this money for college.

Non-applicable Natalie Imbruglia lyric of the day:

"Six foot leaning on a lizard chest

Two red dragons ironed on his vest"

-"I'm Impressed"


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