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July 17, 2001 // 11:17 p.m. // Just like music.

Quick note before we get started. If Kevin (from Real World X) isn't attracted to Lori, he has to be the gay one.

With that said, I begin this by saying this was one of those days that you can't classify as "bad" but would fit into the category of you just not liking it.

One of the first songs I heard on the radio was a remix of Keith Sweat's "Twisted." Yes, the artist who I still believe holds the unofficial record of being the most played song in 94.9's (Utah's local top 40 station) history. It's back and its haunting me. I also heard songs two and three on the list, Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life," and Janet Jackson's "All For You." This is all a little funnier when you figure one of the radio stations had a poll today as to what song would you love to never hear again.

But I also heard some excellent songs today. At one time on my six preset radio stations, I heard Fabulous' & Lil' Mo's "Superwoman," Eve 6's "Here's To The Night" (on two stations at the same time) Weezer's "Undone (The Sweater Song)" and American Hi-Fi's "Flavor Of The Week."

Oh yeah, I heard Ben Folds (minus Five) song on the radio also. I'm telling ya, he'd be better with the five.

I downloaded at least 35 songs today. I suddenly remembered a load of songs I wanted.

Oh yeah, what else happened. I spent the whole day at the U. pretending to be an incoming freshman just so G would have someone to hang out with during his tour and registration. When we were broken up into groups by major, three others from East were in our group. I only recognized one. She was at our table, never smiled, and looked meaner than a pitbull to me. She's Abby, our fearless newspaper editor from last year. She has blue eyes, was wearing a turquoise blue top, had on blue jeans, and I swear her teeth were blue too. I kept staring at her mouth to see if it was the lighting, but even outside the lady in blue continued to stay blue.

Speaking of teeth, I missed my dentist appoitment, but my sister has three cavities. I'll have at least as many.

As we headed down State Street, Tweety pulled up along side of us and started talking to G. She even said hi to me, which is a surprise, because she was an ex-crush that I asked out in 11th grade with a Tweety bird, candy and a note that began with "Hi my name is Jason Taylor. You may remember me from such classes as Biology (quote from the Simpsons." Like she wouldn't know it was a Simpsons quote. The note was written by G on the back of a notebook cover that was left by a friend in my car. The cover was a tiger, and who knew she liked both tiger's and Tweety's. She was also dating one of my best friends (unknown to me).

So I hear three songs I'm sick of, lose six hours of my life, and have an encounter with an ex-crush.

Yes, so how was your day?

Random Natalie Imbruglia quote:

"Funny how those friends forget you when you tire of their games,

You miss a show or a party that blows,

And they've forgotton your name,

And you wonder what you have become,

They pull you back when you try to run"



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