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July 18, 2001 // 10:39 p.m. // Totally Awesome Crushes

My love of cats, his love of dogs led G and I into an interesting conversation that turned morbid when animal cruelty to our respective favorites was brought up.

"Cat's stink." (What animal doesn't?)

"Dogs bite." (What animal doesn't?)

I also cannot stand a local computer salesman, due to his totally craptacular business practices. Locals know Totally Awesome Computer's "Super Dell" because of his annoying voice, his love of attention, and by the way he makes himself look second-rate by playing down to the competition. He's like Pepsi to Coke, 98 degrees to N*Sync, Mercury to Ford. And to me, his commercials resemble that of a used car salesman moreso than a computer salesman.

G will kill me for this, but I'm about to reveal his biggest crush. Erin will likely be the only person who knows who this is, because she is the daughter of a local reporter who the Governor proclaimed today (his 60th birthday) his day. Other past crushes: said Governor's daughter, and two other journalism students (see yesterday's entry for name one, 2N's is the second) other than the reporters daughter, who may have been referred to a few entries ago as RaDeck. Oops. That's two clues. I've said too much. He's going to kill me for outing his pie.


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