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July 19, 2001 // 10:30p.m. // Dreamin' of executions and RaDeck

Last night I had two unusual dreams. The first involved me being convicted of a crime, and as a result, I was sentenced to death by lethal injection (later that day or a few later). I don't remember anything before I was sitting in jail. In the dream, I remember my dad calling me and saying (20 minutes before I was to die) that the lawyer was having an emergency trial (my guess a last minute appeal). It ended up working, I went free, and I was no longer left with the thought of knowing the day I was to die, or images of me on the lethal injection table. In my vision within the dream, my last words were "I'm sorry, goodbye."

I woke up at 3:00ish cold from the AC and the fan. I drifted to sleep and woke up about 30 minutes later after this dream.

G and I were talking about how Dodge and Plymouth both make the Neon car. I was set on showing him a Plymouth Neon, as they are harder to find. In the dream, we go to the student parking lot at my alma matter, (which by the way in the dream looks like those parking lots built straight up with levels) and we see two Neon's parked next to each other, the green one with its front passenger door open. G gets inside, and I see people hiding in the structure. One person is B, who is the owner of the car. G tells me it's not a Plymouth Neon, because the floor is "white."

Everyone comes out from hiding, including RaDek, who B reintroduces G too. They hug, she then turns to me and asks what I've been doing at BYU. I tell her that I go to Weber State, and that's the end of the dream.

Funny, the second dream all sparked from things we talked about yesterday. And despite how unbelievable both dreams were, the only way I knew it was truly a dream was the gas was only $1.16.

A dream come true.

Random Natalie Imbruglia quote:

"Cos I've been thinking about our world tonight

Slowly sinking into my appetite

Tomorrow morning are you a friend of mine?"

---"Tomorrow Morning"


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