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Pioneer Day // 8:29 a.m. // Happy freakin 24th of July!

At the moment, I am the only person out of five awake, though I likely got the least amount of sleep.

I fell asleep close to midnight, then woke up when I felt a mosquito flying around my head. I felt two bites along my jaw line, and I was determined to kill the mosquito. Of course, I needed motivation to get up to kill a mosquito at 3:30 a.m. I received it when I heard the TV on in the other room.

The TV had been left on the Independant Film Channel, and what I heard was a line of a poem by Suzanne Weber who uses the pen name Anita Liberty. I immediately sprung from my bed, ejected the tape from my VCR and popped it into the other VCR. I was able to get 20 minutes of the mini movie that aired between two movies.

The topic of Anita Liberty's book How To Heal The Hurt By Hating is simple. A woman is so hurt by a breakup with her boyfriend Mitchell that she decides to dedicate her career (or 15 minutes, whichever comes first) to humiliating him. Basically the book although full of unorganized thoughts pyrite- poetry and rambling writings made me feel that someone else was going through the same problems as I was with T.E.N.T. In fact I purchased the book the day I agreed to work at the freshman fair at my alma matter, and the book sparked a small conversation between myself and Hailey at the event.

With today being the state of Utah's very own "Independance Day," it means no mail will be delivered and no banks will be open. It means no withdrawls either as I don't have an ATM card. This Independance Day I mentioned. Commonly referred to as the "Days of '47" and "Pioneer Day," the 24th of July and its surrounding days celebrate the "Mr. Mormon" Brigham Young's arrival to the valley in 1847. It means an extra day of fireworks, but it also means parades and a lot of LDS related activities and events. In other words wheras the 4th's celebration is for all of America and celebrates freedom and independance, the 24th's celebrations are very church-related and only celebrate the stranglehold a group can have over an entire state.

There was a shooting yesterday on Kaylinn's street, which is also a block away from Sariah's. I just hope our neighborhood doesn't get its old reputation back.


Random Nikka Costa lyric:

"If you chased me baby i'd be still as stone

cause babe you bring my smile on like no other

there ain't no deeper feeling i get nowhere than

when i'm the skin beneath your hands

you're some kind of beautiful in my life."

-Some Kind of Beautiful

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