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July 28. 2001 // 7:38 a.m. // Back in the nick of time

The only reason for a lack of updates the last few days was a lack of internet connection. You'd think a cable modem would be better than that, but I guess I'm wrong.

Yesterday, the plan was for me to go camping with Britt until 4:30, to come back then, and to spend the rest of the day planning for today's show. Unfortunately because we didn't leave until noon instead of 10:30, because our cars got separated in the first few minutes, because Britt had to drive into Grantsville (with my car) to give Anita and Jessica directions, because Anita and Jessica didn't arrive until 5, and because I had to give Jessica a ride home, I wasn't able to leave until nine. I was also supposed to call Britt's parents to tell them where the site was and that everything turned out fine.

So Jessica and I (who barely spoke but probably have more in common than any two people there) began to drive home at 9. Down the bumpy gravel road we went with New Found Glory and Weezer playing in the CD player. I must say that if she wouldn't have been there, I might have come close to forgetting the way home. She had to correct me three different times on which way to go. I also remembered where her house was without her telling me 2+ years after dropping her sister off after a day at the mall. I've always been great at not only remembering addresses, but finding them long after.

After dropping her off at 10:30, I immediately called Britt's parents, but nobody answered. With that, I headed home and fell asleep.

Today we will get Alysha and Ramon here at around three so we can run through how the show is going to go. We'll pick people up at 6, and begin around 7. We'll have to usher my parents out of the house and finish everything up that is no closer to being finished now than it was a week ago. I won't be giving 100%. I'm just not in it enough.

One more note: Britt and Miles hooked back up yesterday. What is this, the fourth time? Will she ever learn not to give people second, third and fourth chances? This harks back to the days when she was dating Danny and I knew that was a mistake.

I hope this won't be another 'I told you so.'

Nikka Costa random lyric:

"Your seeds of misery have sprouted and they try to block my way

the worst gets the better of you and you try to disarm me with an embrace

just like the heart that's spent a lifetime forgiving what is cruel

So have i for you"

---So Have I For You


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