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Jason recommends the album, American Weekend by Waxahatchee

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July 30, 2001 // 3:15 p.m. // If I didn't feel so wrong

Has anyone besides me noticed that the most recently updated diaries page hasn't been updated for more than a day? I know this because a diary I read regularly and a few others I've stopped at are on there. I've also had a hard time loading the diaryland page recently. But I'm sure this time it isn't just me.

I'm having a hard time with the audio/video inputs on the video camera. Dad just got home, but if I tell him, that would mean having to show him at least part of the video tape. When I record the tape onto a VHS tape not only am I going to record over the 8mm tape, but I'm also going to leave the room and let it record so as not to watch it.

Apparently there is a $6.95 per month charge on my cell phone for calling other cell phones. I rarely call people on my phone, so maybe the charge also applies if people call me on it. Of course that makes no sense either, but I'll find out when mom shows me the bill.

My cell phone is in terrible shape anyway. The antenna is broken, the phone shuts off automatically, and on top of that, I only get 150 minutes a month (which is more than I need anyway) when similar plans give you 2000 minutes for the same monthly price. We got a deal on the phones and by having no activation fee, but once you're in they sure know how to screw ya.

I really enjoy the following songs (new and old):

Alicia Keys - Fallin'

Ginuine - So Anxious

Nikka Costa - Corners of my Mind

Mystic - The Life

Ben Folds - Rockin' The Suburbs (I dislike it as much as I like it though)

Weezer - Island In The Sun

that dog random lyric:

"so he said, 'i have something to ask you'

so she thinks, 'this makes no sense'

so he said, 'are you a teepee or a wigwam?'

so she thinks, 'i'm just too tense.'"

-Ms. Wrong

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