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July 31, 2001 // 1:16 p.m. // Current boyfriends and future girlfriends

I suspect my sister's boyfriend has been drinking my soda.

I bought a 2 liter bottle of Sunkist, and I checked today and it was half empty. So were the cheap non-name brand orange drinks I bought. Nearly half of them are unaccounted for. And whenever I buy Cokes, they're gone before I get a chance to drink them. Not to mention our favorite candy bars are KitKat. I hate that. Those get eaten too.

I feel bad for the fact that he has no where to go in Salt Lake except work, our house and his apartment, but if you were spending more than $400 a month to live somewhere, wouldn't you want to get the most out of your money. He should have got a studio apartment. He doesn't need a one bedroom even. He had it made paying less than $200 a month in his last place. He had to share the place, but he was hardly home anyway. All he needs is a place to sleep and shower. Why spend $200 more per month than you have to, when you are already spending $265 per month on your car payment, and at least $100 on insurance? I don't understand it, but sometimes I try not to.

He should also go back to school. Whereas he should be graduating next June, he would actually be starting his junior year. He didn't go to school last year, and he can't work as a bagger at grocery stores all his life. They don't get paid much at all. You could work fast food, or anywhere and get paid more than a bagger. That's why I don't want to be a bagger.

I just needed to rant.

Today I went to the Airwaves coffee shop to enter to win a Gameboy Advance(d). If I would have won it, I would have put it up on ebay immediately since I could get $100 out of it.

Cass the friendly coffee shop worker remembered who I was, and I've only been in there three times, with the last time being Friday. She told me they still didn't have any vanilla, but that it they would be expecting it in the next few days. "So it should be here by the next time you come in," she said.

She really doesn't look like a 'Cass,' a 'Cassie,' or a 'Cassandra.' She looks like someone whose parents would have given her a name that sounds more like a small town than a name. Maybe Treona,' 'Bountiful' or 'Delta.' She does look like a girl I knew in 7th and 8th grade named April, but Cass is about the same height as I am. So maybe I'm developing a crush. A teeny bud of a crush. But she can still serve up a hell of a smoothie for the best price in town.

After a smoothie, I headed to IHOP, where the hostess Annie immediately caught my eye. Where as Cass is blonde and tall, Annie is a brunette and average height. I rushed through my tall stack of pancakes and chatted briefly with her as I was paying the bill. I'm tellin' ya it's something about that IHOP. There are three incredibly attractive girls that work there as hostesses. It's almost too much to take.

My favorite videos:

Cake "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" ("I'll take two!" That guy is funny.)

Crystal Method "Name of the Game" (it's the one with Nosey as the main character. I love when she slaps him.)

Random that dog lyric:

Tie me down with dental floss. Tie me up with love and say you miss me.

'Cause i keep putting on lip gloss. And you won't kiss me."

-Lip Gloss (in honor of today's events)

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