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August 1, 2001 // 10:05 p.m. // No one will care when I turn 20

Happy birthday to MTV. Together, we have brought joy, made people laugh, as well as banned people from our lives. I knew very little about you during the first ten years of your life. I spent much more time with older relatives PBS, Disney and your neighbor Nickelodeon (Nick). But we've made up for lost time since then, and I feel that we are closer now than we ever have been.

I can't believe the two things (and the only two things) I did today. I watched all 12 hours of MTV's year by year countdown, as well as the 220 minute birthday bash. The second being, I recorded every minute of it. I have 2 1/2 tapes full of this that I doubt I'll ever record over because I never record over anything. Why record it in the first place if you're not going to keep it?

So what were the highlights of "Live and Almost Legal?"

-Hearing Method Man and Mary perform again.

-Hearing TLC perform again.

-Seeing and hearing from Nikka Costa (by the way, it's NEE-ka not NICK-a. I made the same mistake at one time too.)

-Serena Altchul!!!

- Salt N' Pepa reunion.

That's about it. In more than 3 1/2 hours, I enjoyed three moments, and the Nikka one was ruined because Jimmy Fallon (who is as enjoyable as hosts Gideon Yego and Brian McFayden) kept talking over here. Great album of hers, by the way. Best of the year times 10.

I wish I had something interesting to share, but alas I did nothing interesting. I didn't even spend anytime on the computer. Let's let that be that. I don't want to waste anymore of your time.

Last year on this date: Angie begins day one of her transformation, day two of ruining my life. Dandy Warhols album Thirteen Tales comes out.

That dog random lyric:

"a happy birthday i will wish you

a swollen memory so we must choose

a tearful goodbye, but we can't lose"

-Being With You

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