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August 04, 2001 // 9:36 a.m. // Eighth grade reflections amidst an evening of games

This date last year: My distrust of B and Angie are so intense, I almost cannot take it. You can see the contempt on my face as I stand next to B in the otherwise beautiful group photo of the Grand Canyon.

A cheap mini update (that likely won't be so mini):

While at Whereouse Music last night, I left my lights on, and my battery died. Sometimes, if I leave it off long enough and the battery isn't too dead, it recharges itself. I went to Circuit City, came back 20 or so minutes later, and it wouldn't start. At this time, it was 8:10, so I sat and read the lyrics of two of the second-hand CD's I bought. At 8:30 I tried again with no luck.

I decided it just needed more time. I walked half a mile (uphill) to Barnes & Noble to look for two books that I couldn't remember the titles of, let alone the authors. All I could remember was one author may have had the last name of Hurley and the other had the word 1,000 in the title.

After 20 minutes there, I walked back toward the car. That's when G called.

"Where are you?"

"Wherehouse Music. Actually I'm walking back down from Barnes & Noble. My battery died."

He told me he'd call me when I got back to the car, and that he'd be over with jumper cables in a matter of minutes. We succesfully got my car started (two hours after the battery died) and went into Wherehouse Music where G bought used copies of Aaliyah's Age Ain't Nothing But A Number and Jagged Little Pill. He likes it, and as far as I know, it's his first rock CD. Definitely a good one. He also really likes the Aaliyah CD, and we listened to it as we drove home from the Fun Dome.

The Fun Dome. A galleria of miniature golf, skating, bowling, arcades, laser tag and karaoke. The best part of the night was probably watching the karaoke. Mariah's "Dreamlover," Boyz II Men "Water Runs Dry" and the Goo Goo Dolls "Name." All three songs remind me of eighth grade, as did the Natalie Merchant CD I had with me and the Alanis CD we listened to on the way in.

The basketball game was broken, so just as we had done at Trolley Square months ago, we played basketball for at least 35 minutes. I won all of our little competitions for consecutive shots. At one point I made 15 in a row. Before I left I hit 10. It almost inspires me to play a little more before summer ends.

I've been ripping songs from my CD's into my Nomad Jukebox. This thing is amazing. It can hold 150 albums on a 6 GB hard drive. That's three times larger than the one on my computer! 150 albums isn't enough for me, so I upgraded to the 30 GB model. When I'm done, I'll be able to listen to all of my albums on one machine. I'm nearly drooling just thinking about it.


Random that dog lyrics:

"it's been goodnight, it's been goodbye

it's been so long that i might cry

one drunken kiss

a drunken lie

hungover mornings and a sobering cry

i've never given back to you

all the pain you've put me through

and i've never given back to you

a rainy day and a beautiful night

a hung jury and a bed uptight

i've been alone all through the nights

i'll be alone until the day i die

i've never given back to you

all the shame you've put me through

and i've never given back to you

all the love in the world, to give to a little girl

no matter how hard i try

this will be until the day i die"

-Until the Day I Die

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