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August 7, 2001 // 11:25 a.m // Sorry.

Anybody else besides me having difficulty logging in to diaryland? I'm unable to do it on one computer, so I'm typing this on the aincent black eight year-old Acer.

I know I had something interesting to say, but for the life of me I can't remember.

While reading a review of a Veruca Salt album, I heard ex-member Nina Gordon's song on a commercial. Later, while downloading a Tom Jones song (with Natalie Imbruglia) I saw a commercial promoting him being on 60 Minutes II.

Things like that always happen to me. Multiple times a day I'll be reading or speaking, and the same word, or sentence even will pop into my head.

My TV finally died after at least eight years of loyal service. The VCR went out on it years ago, and like my car, it likely died due to a lack of caring. So it's time to go TV shopping, as well as shopping for a case for my Nomad Jukebox. I couldn't handle it if it got a scratch on it.

Random Jagged Little Pill lyric:

"Wait a minute man

You mispronounced my name

You didn't wait for all the information

Before you turned me away

Wait a minute sir

You kind of hurt my feelings

You see me as a sweet back-loaded puppet

And you've got meal ticket taste."

-Right Through You


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