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August 12, 2001 // 6:29 p.m. // Mariah Carey coincidences

So I'm listening/organizing my CD's today, and I notice an eerie pattern I also noticed last week about Mariah Carey albums. If you discount her debut album (the self-titled Mariah Carey) you notice a trend that you may or may not have noticed with her following studio albums.

On her second album, Emotions, her first single was "Emotions." On her third album, Music Box the first single was "Dreamlover." On Daydream, it was "Fantasy," on Butterfly, it was "Honey," on Rainbow it was "Heartbreaker," and on Glitter, it was "Loverboy."

Here's what I found a little weird. With the exception of Music Box, (which is commonly misspelled as "Musicbox") all of her albums contain one word titles and the first single is also only one word.

I guess I have too much time on my hands, and there is no coincidence, but I did find it interesting.

Lets give Mariah a week in the random lyric category.

This week, I'll take one song from each of her seven studio albums.

Random Mariah Carey lyric:

"You were so blind to let me go

You had it all but didn't know

No one you'll ever find will be

Closer to all your dreams than me

Believing the grass would be greener

You told yourself "I just don't need her now"

But I know you'll soon discover

You're never satisfied with any other."


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