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August 11, 2001 // 10:43 p.m. // It's August 11, and things bug me!

Quite a bit has been on my mind as of late. None of it is important, but some of it will show you exactly how much I *love* this great state of ours.

This week, there was a change to the Utah liqour advertising laws. Now restaurants can leave drink lists at their tables, waiters can ask customers if they want a glass of wine or a cocktail and billboards can promote distillers and vintners. Can you believe that? Until this week if you walked into a restaraunt in Utah waiters couldn't even ask if you wanted something stronger to drink!

Number 2. The rap group 2 Live Crew (who I may add hasn't been controversial or in the public eye since 1991) whipped through the most conservative city west of the Bible belt. Yes, they are the group who gave us "Me So Horny." They have a greatest hits album, but name another hit. I dare ya. They are selling out a club in Provo, Utah and local officials and police officers have gotten together with the band and the club owner to tell them what they can and can't do. So Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop can come through every summer with weed and chronic being past freely through the crowd and arena, but 2 Live Crew, who I put in the same category as Andrew Dice Clay meaning they were "bad" once but even their worst act couldn't compare to what we have now.

Number 3. Sadly a local officer was shot and killed last week, but judging by the non-stop media (and i do mean non-stop) you'd think an officer had never died in the line of duty. It's sad, but I don't respect the justice system any longer, and there are too many bad eggs in law enforcement to warrant a cop receiving anymore attention than an average person. It's not like he was a bystander shot by a stray bullet. That happens everyday and is buried in the news. A cop fully aware of the consequences of his job dies, and the state is supposed to stop what we're doing for him.

Finally, a tornado whipped through downtown Salt Lake two years ago today. You probably missed the story unless you lived in the west or were glued to the Weather Channel. I believe it was the Jewish Community Center shooting or the Atlanta man that shot his former co-workers, then shot himself miles away.

I left my house minutes before the tornado hit to register for school. After taking care of business there, I headed to Circuit City to buy a Verve Pipe and Sherrie Austin CD's (It's amazing how we remember these things) when I saw coverage of a disaster area on the TV's. I figured the local TV stations had interrupted programing for an "important story." It wasn't until I returned home and found that our power was out that I realized it was a tornado.

Mom was on the couch in the living room listening to a TV broadcast of the news. Our power stayed off for hours. We headed to my grandma's house to watch the broadcast. It really was unreal. Seeing trees, buildings, cars the roof and windows of the Delta Center crushed left me with a slightly unsafe feeling. Another story (albeit huge) that the local media decided to drag out. They have a tendency to do that here.

Random Jagged Little Pill lyric:

"Sometimes is never quite enough

If you're flawless, then you'll win my love

Don't forget to win first place

Don't forget to keep that smile on your face."



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