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August 13, 2001 // 10:58 p.m. // Drive, nap, drive, nap, drive, sleep.

A quickie, since I'm forced to use the Acer. My sister is on the other computer (the primary computer) when she has her own. Dad has his laptop and shed full o' computers, mom has hers, but for some reason, they all migrate back to the dining room computer. I hate this keyboard, plus it's on the floor with poor lighting conditions, which is why updates on the Acer are short. Today G and B left for Yellowstone, their last big trip of their YTY career. G needed an adapter from me, which held up my mom, sister and I from running to her work and and my sister's school. I also had to pick her and her friend up. Her friend lives at a ridiculously far location. So do the rest of her friends. Why can't she have neighborhood friends? 'Cause she didn't go to the neighborhood schools, that's why.

Took them to the doctor's office, where I was seated between a squirming child on a mother's lap, and a child who had decided to leave his smelly Arctic Circle bag sitting in the seat next to him. Fortunately, it only took about 10 minutes.

I wanted to go to the Starzz home finale tonight at the Delta Center. I just figured that since we were playing L.A., a team with only three losses this year and a 18 game winning streak that there was no chance in hell we'd win.

"At least I could see Aubs," I thought. She's a friend who is a fan who IU haven't emailed in months.

I should have gone. And if I knew how much my sister wanted to go, we would have. Not only did we pull of the huge upset to win the game, but it went into overtime and came down to a fast break running one-hander with only one-tenth of a second left. It ranks third, maybe fourth as the best basketball game I've ever seen on TV, and I only caught parts of it. Amelia, you were right. We should have gone to the game.

Didn't Mariah's break down (another one-worded Mariah single I might add) and subsequent stay in the "tired hospital" come a little to close to the release date of her album and movie? Things that make you go hmmm...

A random Mariah lyric for ya anyway.

"You play games with my mind

Cheat and lie time after time

And I know you'll never change

But I just can't break away.

I don't know why I let you treat me

the way you do

You're just no good for me

I wish I never fell for you."

-You're So Cold


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