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August 14, 2001 // 9:59 p.m. // My sister, the dumbass

As much as I get on peoples cases for being perfectionists and organized, I realized that while picking things up in my room (I'm far from cleaning it) that I'm just as anal (if not moreso) than they are about things.

-All of my VHS casette tapes are organized not only by brand name, but by the colors of the packages as well.

-My yearbooks are line up from left to right by year.

-My magazines are also lined up according to month and year, and are separated by the name of the magazine.

- My audio casettes are arranged by brand name, and by weather or not they have a case or not.

-My CD's are in alphabetical order in my disc changer, as are the cases on my CD rack.

Some of those things are just great for finding what you need. But despite how organized I find out I am, you can always count on me to have the messiest backpack, and the most cluttered room.

Another day of picking up my sister (and her three friends that she didn't tell me I'd be taking home. The first thing Brandon does (not my friend Brandon, another one) is picks up my sun blocker for the window, and hits the other kids in the car with it. He's such a little dumbass. He's 15 going on 7. The way he talks normally is similar to the way people talk when they are nervous around the opposite sex. He says stupid things, his voice sounds stupid, and whenever Tre is out of town, the two of them start hanging out. She was two-timing them until February. Is it happening again? Tre is back in St. George. He likes it down there because his family lives down there, because he has to work when he lives up here, and he hates putting 300 miles each way on his car.

I can't believe that when my sister doesn't have him around she'll turn to the next best thing. She's treating him like T.E.N.T treated me. She gets mad at him, then crawls back when she feels lonely. He really shouldn't take her back. Maybe she's the dumbass. And what would Tre think about this if he knew this was going on?

Mariah Carey random lyric (I could quote this whole sappy album):

"I want a lover who knows me

Who understands how I feel inside

Someone to comfort and hold me

Through the long lonely nights

Till the dawn

Why don't you take me away."


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