November's/December's theme:"We diverge and I collapse into my bed/And you are shoved awkwardly into my head" A Separate Lid Behind Closed Eyes

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Jason recommends the album, American Weekend by Waxahatchee

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August 15, 2001 // 9:14 p.m. // Just wondering...

-Why does the Golden Girls come on so often on Lifetime? And why doi they revolve their schedule around Golden Girls, Designing Women, and Unsolved Mysteries?

-Why are there tens of thousands of cars in the city, but only one DMV?

-Why can't our state legalize the lottery like Nevada and Idaho?

-Are the fireworks referred to as "illegal" here also referred to as illegal in the state they are smuggled from?

-Why does a city containing approx. 500,000 people need one let alone two sets of light rail tracks?

-Why are the 20 oz. drinks $1.09 when the liter bottles are only .99 cents?

-If you write a song full of things that are not ironic, does that make it ironic?

-If two men with only a half a body each play in a band, together does that make them a one man band?

Random Mariah lyric:

"She smiles through a thousand tears

And harbours adolescent fears

She dreams of all

That she can never be

She wades in insecurity

And hides herself inside of me."

-Looking In

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