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August 17, 2001 // 9:30 p.m. // Ranting, indeed.

Note: This entry was meant for 9:28 a.m. but the internet on the cable modem has been down all day.

Cable modem indeed.

September 17th. One month to the day away. If they don't come to town, I'll be heartbroken.



It'll be my first chance to see one of my favorite bands live. I missed them in 99 or 2000, because I was on a river rafting trip. When they opened for No Doubt in 1997, the date snuck up on me and I forgot. It was on the last day of school. Perhaps the saddest part of this story, is that two of their best friends and heads of their fanclub, Mykel and Carli Allen were killed in a car accident either on the way to, or on the way home from the Salt Lake concert.

Hash Pipe, Across The Sea, Falling For You, all of my favs.

As of now, the tour dates are unconfirmed, but hopefully in the next few days, I'll find out whether or not they'll be here or not.

The only thing I dislike, is the fact that they'll be playing at the E Center, an arena that only rivals the Delta Center in size. The last 4 or so concerts I attended were at smaller venues, and I really like the small club intimate feeling.

Last night at the E Center, was the wrasslin'. It was the first wrestling event that has come to town in five years that I haven't attended. I'm no longer a fan. G still sees it as his duty to update me when something big happens.

Even though I am not a fan anymore, I still get upset when people make fun of wrestling fans for the same tired stereotypes. They're rednecks. They're stupid. These words come from two morning news reporters who shall remain nameless (*cough*MaryNicklesandLeAnnLobb*cough*) who along with weatherboy Kevin "my daddy is a legend on a rival station" Eubank decided it would be funny to put down the event, although it was apparently important enough to be newsworthy.

Yeah, stereotypes. LeAnn is as redneck as they come. In fact, Ben Folds said it best when he said, "there are a hundred ways to cover your redneck past." And what if I decided to call anchor Mary Nickles a lesbian just because she was an athlete, has a short cropped haircut, and has a voice deeper than half of the men I know.

Stereotypes indeed.

To add insult to injury, they misprounounced a wrestlers name, reported the show was taped for a live Pay-Per-View broadcast for this Sunday, and called the "Smackdown!" show summer something.

Of course they should have known it. Leann contradicted herself, ending the story by saying the show was broadcast live.

Redneck indeed.

I'm sorry for the rant. I just find it hard to tolerate stupid people being in a position of power (read: Tribune and Deseret News reporters and editors).

Reporters indeed.

Note: Without the internet working, I'm forced to quote her from the lyric sheet.

Random Mariah lyric:

"In a perfect world

human beings would co-exist

harmoniously, like a rainbow.

A multitude of colors,

each layer vibrant and clear by itself

But in unison...

Boundless, breathtaking, celestial..."

-Rainbow back cover notes.

P.S. Today I turn 19 1/2.

Tomorrow: My day at the Delta Center.

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