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August 21, 2001 // 8:42 a.m. // Great expectations (of a vanilla smoothie)

Oh, Cass. How could you do this to me?

I headed down to Airwaves to enter to win concert tickets. Sure enough, Cass was behind the counter straightening things up. She seemed to remember me as the vanilla smoothie guy, though she never actually said. They must get a lot of repeat customers, because she knew a lot of names, and a lot of orders.

"You like capuccino in it, right?" she asked me. Unsure if I had capuccino in past weeks, I told her no. She kept preparing the smoothie, finally capping off the order by asking if I wanted whipped cream on top. Of course I do, and I anticipated it would be 3.19 and a 50 cent tip well spent.

I eagarly sat down to enjoy this smoothie which I swear a month ago was the best I had ever tasted. With the straw up to my mouth, I couldn't wait for that first hint of a spicy cinnamon taste to hit my lips.

I got something else.

It tasted like coffee. In fact, I just tasted it and it still does.

Did she forget to rinse something out before she prepared my smoothie? I can't imagine what it could be. I watched every step of the process. Maybe she added capuccino stuff to it. I don't know. But my cinnamon taste was replaced by a strong taste of vanilla ice cream mixed with a hint of coffee.

My stomach is still upset from it. Not as bad as when I left Airwaves, but still pretty bad. Cass, everyone can have an off day. Maybe this was yours.


With all of these impromptu entries (fifth in two days, second of today) I'll soon run out of...

Random Garbage lyric(s).

"Then something catches hold

A hand that won't let go

Pure as the driven snow

You know too well"

-Under Your Spell

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