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August 21, 2001 // 7:08 a.m. // Rain.

I really don't like the rain. I'm not sure if I've ever liked it. Perhaps it's the cold, or the dampness, or the noise of the drops hitting the tin swamp cooler on our roof.

I enjoy the unexpected rainstorm. When rain comes along out of the blue and gives everything it touches a fresh new smell. That's what we had last night. It was expected, (because they interrupted TV shows every fifteen minutes) but it was our first rainstorm in about a month. It provided much needed rain for the fires burning throughout the state.

I only went out in it once. To take my sister on a late night run to Burger King. At this time (9:30) the rain was still coming down and everything smelled like wet dog. Soon that changed though, and had I been able to see my headlights against the street, traffic lights, and lamp posts, I would have taken a little drive around the city.

Our power kept flickering on and off. It happened twice while I was trying to listen to music.

I've been watching a lot of trivia shows lately. Jeopardy! (both regular and Rock & Roll) Weakest Link (goodbye!), Millionaire, even 2 Minute Drill on ESPN to round out the field. I'm hooked on Two Minute Drill. I'm really only any good at basketball trivia, but I was surprised at how many answers I knew to difficult question. I've always said I was "trivia smart" as opposed to "smart smart."

I'm heading down to Airwaves to win some concert tickets, and to get my first vanilla smoothie in weeks. And I'll get to see Cass. (I just hate typing that name. No offense.) Couldn't she go by something cuter like Cassandra or Cassie?

Random Garbage lyric:

"Nothing said could change the fact

My trust was blind you broke the pact

If god's my witness god must be blind."

-As Heaven Is Wide


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