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August 22, 2001 // 9:15 p.m. // What's the strangest thing *you've* ever licked?


Gross. I just did the grossest thing just now. I guess a set up is needed...

When I got my new TV/VCR combo, my two universal remotes and former remote for my old VCR became obsolete. Along with that, the remote to one of my disc changers that I haven't used since Christmas.

I set the four remotes on top of a HotShot basketball game at the end of my bed which so happens to be under a window. On the north side of our house, we have a moss/vine problem. Because of this, and because our windows aren't sealed too tightly (mom's and mine) vines grow on the side of the house, and then creep into my room.

Well this time I let them grow. And grow. And grow. The vine (whish is probably no bigger around than a pencil or a skinny marker) is visible through my curtains and can be seen when you enter my room. In fact, it has grown past the window, and it hovers over the HotShot basketball game and the remotes.

I found the code book for the new TV/VCR. As I was about to enter the code in one of the remotes, I noticed a bumpy shiny glitterish coating over parts of the remote. I checked the rest and noticed the same on the other three.

Now I have no clue what it is. All I know is it's kind of sticky, and cannot be rubbed off with a dry paper towel or a regular towel.

So here's where the sick part comes in.

I had to lick the surface of *all four remotes* where they were sticky and then I had to wipe them clean to remove the substance.

I just hope I don't end up turning into a Weekly World News headline. Maybe It'll turn me into a superhero. Like Spiderman or Wolverine or something. At any rate, I need to clip the vines near my window. Then I need to check if the window is closed. I won't allow them two ways to invade my room.


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