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August 22, 2001 // 6:29 p.m. // Six degrees of Adam and Anna

Today mom and I headed down to the DMV for an appoitment resulting from accumulating too many points on my driving record.

I've received two tickets (both in the last year) from a car accident and from illegally passing on the right. I should have fought that one. But as it stands, I have accumulated 95 points out of a possible 70, and will have them reduced by half if I avoid receiving a ticket until Jan 10. In addition to this, I recieve 50 "emergency points" if I attend a four hour class. That would wipe my slate clean by early next year.

What are the lead stories on the news? The Idaho Powerball lottery, and an alleged tornado sweeping through southeast Salt Lake. Gotta love the local ABC affiliates.

I've been noticing a six degrees of separation amongst two of my favorite artists. Both Adam Schlesinger (Fountains Of Wayne) and Anna Waronker (That Dog) have a hand in many TV show themes, and production credits on some of my other favorite albums, like The Verve Pipe's new one, and Imperial Teen's upcoming album. Adam also wrote the title song for the movie That Thing You Do! and the theme for the Howard Stern show.

Anna co-wrote the Clueless TV show theme with The Go Go's Charlotte Caffey in addition to a cancelled Fox show.

Both of them are so talented, but as far as the music goes, both are in limbo. That Dog is no longer together, and Fountains Of Wayne members have too many side projects.

Gup just called.

Gup: "Should I take art, or latin?"

Jason: "I don't know."

G: "Or should I take foods."

J: "I don't know."

G: "Damn you never know."

J: (thinking) that's because you're like my sister. You want someone else to make your decisions for you so you have someone to blame if they're wrong.

G: "Let me read the description. Hold on." (long pause) "Never mind. It's too long. I'll decide on my own."

J: "OK, bye."

Why take three fairly difficult classes your first semester, let alone your first year. Especially after you've been out of school for almost a year. You should have never signed up for latin. You disliked it in high school, why should it change now?

Random Garbage quote:

"Let's get behind the wheel

We'll go driving

To the mountains

To the rooftops.


Get in the car


Get in the car."

-Driving Lessons

Garbage just has lyrics for all occasions.


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