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August 28, 2001 // 1:52 p.m. // Day 1. Sophomore year

Note: This entry is long. Read a bit, let it settle, then, depending on your timezone come back to it after lunch or dinner. Of course don't let me dictate how to read it.

Not realizing I had an 8:00 class this semester, I didn't end up leaving my house until 7 with a long drive to Ogden ahead of me. Not only was there a huge traffic jam just outside of the city, but I managed to piss off a Geneva Steel cement mixer truck when I apparently cut him off to get into my proper lane. Over the loud music I was sure I heard a horn honking continuously, and a few minutes later after he switched lanes, the honking continued. (at least 10-15 presses of the horn) I looked over, and a redheaded construction worker was gesturing and yelling what I'm sure were obsenities at me. I couldn't tell. The music was still up to loud. I just shrugged my shoulders indicating I had no clue what he was saying, but I'm sure he took it as meaning I had no clue what I had done.

At 7:50 the jam was still too big to drive the remaining three blocks to enter the stadium parking lot, so I took the second entrance which is the closer entrance.

Which was the closer entrance.

They changed the location of where the shuttle bus picks up students It's now in the wing of the parking lot just west of where it was last year. It means no more parking in the same spot as I had every school day since last year. It also means arriving earlier to get a good spot.

There are two shuttle routes. One drops students off at the Lind Lecture Hall which is one of the furthest buildings to the east on campus. The other drops students off near the social sciences building. What this means is if you get on the wrong shuttle, it can mean a 10 minute walk across campus. I was already late, and at this time I didn't care that I wasn't offered a donut or juice when everyone around me had the items offered to them.

9:10ish. I enter english class, head for the first seat I see that is available. My teacher asks for my name and for something interesting. I can't think of the latter. I could have said I was left-handed and called for a revolution against the desks that were designed for righties. But as it was, I said nothing.

I have 10 minutes between classes, and my history class is literally next to my english class. Now this class was a trip. Our teacher walks in with a muffin (which he forgot the name of briefly) twice and tells us not to use the service (or back) entrance. To what? The building? The classroom? THe classroom only has one door!

He bangs his gavel on the podium and begins to talk. "I'm Irish, and when we say top o' the morning, the response is, 'and the rest of the day to you.' (Slams down gavel) Top o' the morning."

He repeats that twice more, until we finally get that we are to say "and the rest of the day to you." Again we are asked our name, where we're from and what we like. Jason Taylor. Salt Lake City. I like to film and edit movies.

"Oh you do. Could you do one for this class?"


I probably got myself into something that I didn't want to get involved in. I should have lied and said I liked swimming like Jessica or that I liked to ski like another girl.

The best part of class came when our teacher (probably in his mid 50's-early 60's) asked "what's a muscle car?" in response to a kid's interest. The whole class erupted. Even the exchange students knew what muscle cars were. "They're like the Camaros and the Mustangs" the student replied with.

"So did you say miniature cars? Oh, you said Mustang cars. For a minute I thought you said muscle cars."

"I did."

And his rules:

1. No hats. I was the only one wearing one. "That's an unusual hat," he says. "It doesn't have a top." Yeah, it's called a visor.

2. No heavy coats. (Why, I'll never know. Maybe a childhood fear of fleece from when he was 11.)

3. No private conversations. For the record, he named these first three as he searched the classroom for violators.

4. No potty mouth language.

5. No concealed weapons. Oh, local inside jokes kill me.

And in case you wanted to know, Tiffany from Cache County is my new crush. She's probably engaged or married or something at only 18. I can feel it in my bones. I think I'll become friends with her anyway. But then again I said that about "Terri girl" last semester, and here I am sitting in the same classroom.

Mysterious ways indeed.

Because of the cross campus trek to common medicines, I'm late again. I'm also the only communications major among sales reps and physical trainers. I also recognize the name of a boy I went to junior high with.

Philosophy goes by in a big boring blur.

And so goes my first day.

Note: Why do girls say no when you ask them out when they really like you? Are they waiting for you to ask again? I just don't get it.

The opposite sex can be so confusing.


Random Aaliyah lyric:

"But at your best you are love
You're a positive motivating force
within my life
Should you ever feel the need to wonder why
Let me know, let me know."

-At Your Best (You Are Love)

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