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September 4, 2001 // 8:02 a.m. // Late breaking news

I'm watching a live police chase of Fox News Channel. What's going on is a man who apparently got in an argument with his supervisor stole a tow truck from work, and took it on a "joy ride" in Long Beach. Police were able to (the truck just stopped running) pop the tires, and for more than an hour, he drove on one tire and five rims. I'm amazed he was able to drive for as long as he was able to. Because he is stopped, the flames and smoke have picked up from riding on rims and later on the axle. They have now arrested him, and have led him away from the car.

The entire front end is engulfed in flames,and police are in the process of putting out the fire. Those tow trucks must be built tough. For it to be able to drive for more than an hour with five metal rims. He was able to come to near complete stops with this thing. Unbelievable.

Even the lyric applies to the chase:

Random Gin Blossoms lyric:

"Tomorrow we can drive around this town

And let the cops chase us around

The past is gone but something might be found

To take its place...hey jealousy"

-Hey Jealousy

Sheesh. More breaking news with a standoff and a bank robbery in Lowell Indiana.

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