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September 5, 2001 // 1:29 p.m. // Stealing is wrong

About the entry I told you I was going to include on Monday, all it was was G, B and I sat around in his hot Jeep arguing over who was going to drive to Circuit City. Both of us were tired of driving. For an hour and a half we argued over this. Needless to say we didn't end up going. I didn't have enough gas in the car anyway because of the 80+ mile round trip I made with them to go camping. That could have been a days worth of gas to go to school.

As it is, I had to use my mom's gas card this morning. I've been driving on fumes lately. I was able to drive my car 80 miles on only 1/8 of a tank. I got a record 280 miles on this tank.

Even leaving at 6:45, I was late for an unheard of fourth straight day in english. Luckily I walked in at the same time as another girl and it didn't look so bad. She and another girl (both in my class last year) happened to be on the same shuttle as me heading to and from school from the parking lot today. I saw another girl (can't recall her name) who was in my class last year attending this year. It brings the total to four I believe.

Tiffany was late again. Plus she violated the rules by sitting too far back in class. I really dislike our history teacher. By the end of the semester I'll have his morning speach memorized, and I'll repeat it for ya.

I think I know where my missing money ended up: my sister's pocket. She told me she couldn't pay me back the $10 she owed me just days after she got her paycheck. Since then, she's been "broke" but has bought stuff at the swap meet, McDonalds, and even Auto Zone and the mall, two places I took her to yesterday. So she can spend $10 or more there, but can't pay me back my money? Maybe that's what she was doing when I caught her in my room. Stealing money. It's more than bills. She's paid me back three times in quarters (50 cents, two dollars and three dollars) and I have a lot of quarters in a jar on top of my disc changer. Things that make you go hmm...

Random Gin Blossoms lyric:

"It's our call

It sways, it stalls

I need a little extra time alone

Well maybe take the long way home"

--- Perfectly Still

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