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September 9, 2001 // 9:21 p.m. // A Day At The Races

Yesterday's call from G came once again as I was about to make macaroni and cheese in my Saturday night tradition. I stopped before boiling the water, knowing we'd be going to Wendy's that night.

At 10:15, we were in the parking lot of Sears along with 30-40 other cars that were heading out to race/watch others race each other. After 20 minutes spent here with both friends and eight grade rivals alike, we headed several miles to a grocery store, a few more to a house, several more to a second grocery store, before finally leaving to rescue a person in our travelling pack's car after it broke down.

And break down it did. The 80's Volkswagen Golf's passenger side front wheel had bent in such a way that it was easy to tell from a non-car expert like myself that it was not driveable. Since half of the car was on the side of the road and the other half was in a lane (on 900 South 800 East just around the corner from the Smith's and the popular cofee hang out for Salt Lake readers) on the still buzzing street. Many of the guys lifted up the car reminicent of a Mentos commercial/Foo Fighters video and placed it near the curb.

With that, we drove west, received a call to head east again for a fight, only to receive another call minutes later telling us to U-Turn since the fight was over bringing us back where we started.

It was now 12:15, two hours since we had left the house. I figured the car races would now be over, and it was as good of a time as any to go back home. Later we pulled into the Texaco with upwards of 35 cars filled with more than 100 people following us into the parking lot less than two minutes after we arrived. The racers had been scared off by a cop, and all met at the Texaco to regroup. At 1:15 we finally left Texaco, met at my house just three blocks away and drove up to get food and ate in the University of Utah parking lot that overlooks the city.

And there we sat and talked for nearly 90 minutes like we always do.

Here's an idea. Someone should write an entry in the style of a Pop Up Video episode. I was going to do it today and may do it in my paper journal, but it's just too late and I have two tests and an assignment due tomorrow. I'm just too busy.

Random Better Than Ezra lyric:

"If they calm you down

Then excite then

If they call you out

Then ignore them

You're speeding up

You're speeding up

To slow down"

-Speeding Up To Slow Down

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