November's/December's theme:"We diverge and I collapse into my bed/And you are shoved awkwardly into my head" A Separate Lid Behind Closed Eyes

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Jason recommends the album, American Weekend by Waxahatchee

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September 14, 2001 // 1:34 p.m. // Crushed, crushed, crushed

I was going to talk about everything that's been going on in great detail, but I decided I'd rather be brief. I began watching at 6:55, watched live as the second plane hit, rushed out to tell my dad it had happened, spent the next nine hours being violently ripped between feeling safe and scared. Pentagon atacked. Scared. Buildings collapse. Scared. Then safe. Pennsylvania plane crash. Scared. President's life in danger. Scared. Then safety for four hours until I see footage from Kabul that shows fire with the assumption that the US was the cause. Even more scared for my friends in the Army and Marines.

By the second day, I couldn't watch anymore. I drifted away into the land of music for the night. Everything from OMD to OMC. Jay-Z to J-Lo. I was able to relax, I felt safe.

Random Better Than Ezra lyric:

Don't fear,

Even though you're at a loss

I'm numb,

A shell of empty thoughts

But you glow,

You stretch and pull me out

Does that trouble you?

Does that trouble you?

-Live Again


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