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September 14, 2001 // 1:34 p.m. // Crushes! Crushes! Crushes!

I really want to settle back into a sense of normalcy and will likely address the rest in my paper journal.

I saw Julie (aka Terri Girl) who you may remember as the subject of my first diaryland entry. In fact, I saw her twice Monday, once yesterday, and once today. I wanted to ask her what grade she got in history. To ask her anything as long as it meant talking to her. By coincidence a guy she was talking to is in my history class, and that classroom is the same one Terri and I had history in last spring. The major crush is still Tiffany, but the only breakthrough is I learned her last name today. She sat two rows away from me, but still has not really sat in the same seat twice.

Mistie, who I pegged as being a preppy girl (from here on known as an "East High girl" after similar types from my alma matter) is nice, but just as predictable as I thought. She doesn't drive a Jetta, but a BMW. She doesn't live in the city, but in Park City. Plus she, like Tiffany is blonde. Deadly combination for me nowadays.

Let's just skip past Nicole. She looks a little too much like G's ex right now for me to think of her as a crush. Same with a second Julie. She looks like not one, but two people I know.

Umm...I've been late 8 of 9 days to my first class. Very understanding teacher by the way. Even leaving the house at 6:45 doesn't get me to school until 8 and class until 8:10.

Random Better Than Ezra lyric:

"Along the edges, colors blur at seem familiar

While you read your magazine

I was counting all the markers.

And California seemed to draw you like a siren

From a postcard, or a letter

Frame of film melting."

-Under You


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