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September 15, 2001 // 10:39 p.m. // Last night's drag queen dream

I had a strange dream a few nights ago that involved in me receiving a call to reviltalize my role as Beatrice in "Hello My Name Is Tinkerbelle (Or Rated G)." The only problem was I didn't remember a single line. As I looked around the dressing room at Itzak dressed as Rumplestiltskin, Erin as Tinkerbelle and Tony as Mike Muffet, I desperately tried to recall even a line from the first ten minutes of the play. The dream ended just as we were to take the stage for our performance.

I guess it's the closest I've ever come to stage fright. I don't have a problem speaking in front of a group of people, nor did I ever develop stage fright. I'd experience that normal nervous feeling before the show, but I'd never worry about forgetting my lines or the blocking.

Oh, what I'd give to reprise my role as Beatrice, the cross-dressing psychiatrist from the famous Grimm family of fairytale fame.

I just had to tell the dream. It was the most interesting thing I've experienced today.

Random Better Than Ezra lyric:

"And though you will say I'm wrong.

It's much easier with you along.

Sundays were made for this.

Seeing Bond give the villain a kiss...

Learning to chance it again.

Play on, play on

Happy endings"

-Happy Endings

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