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September 17, 2001 // 5:24 p.m. // Only In Dreams

Today is the day of the Weezer concert. I've done a fair job at saving my money for this, but only have enough for a lot of small merchandise and maybe one big thing like a shirt. If only the concert were tomorrow, the day my check comes.

What surprises me is how few tickets have been sold. It also doesn't surprise me that not many tickets have been sold. Tickets went on sale only 23 days ago. That's unheard of for a major arena. Not many tickets have been given away either. As it turns out, I didn't have to worry about buying my tickets online so early after all.

Low on gas and unsure of the ablility to make it home, I put 5.00 worth in Ogden, which will last me through tomorrow.

Our local mail service is upsetting me. Today we didn't receive mail until 4:15, and for the last three to four months the mail has come no earlier than two. We were used to receiving mail no later than 10, so it's quite a shock. Plus, I'm unsure of how backed up USPS Priority Mail is. I had some bulbs for my car lights sent on Monday, and they have not yet arrived. I figure they are very backed up, but I anticipated its arrival today. Maybe I'll get it tomorrow if I'm lucky.

I've seen about nearly fifteen people who were in classes of mine last year. Today I think I saw Chelsea, and Sharon was written about in the school paper. I saw Allison and the other Kim (Pretty Eyes) last week as well.

Too many crushes to count. At least one in every class, including Nicole, who is confirmed to be in two of my classes. Asking if she understands philosophy can be step 1 of the getting to know her process.


Random Weezer lyric:

"You can't resist her

She's in your bones

She is your marrow

And your ride home

You can't avoid her

She's in the air

In between molecules

Of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide

Only in dreams

We see what it means

Reach out our hands

Hold on to hers

But when we wake

It's all been erased

And so it seems

Only in dreams

You walk up to her

Ask her to dance

She says "hey, baby

I just might take the chance"

You say "It's a good thing

That you float in the air

That way there's no way

I will crush your pretty toenails into a thousand pieces.'"

--Only In Dreams

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