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September 18, 2001 // 5:49 p.m. // Weezer concert

The Weezer concert, to say the least was unusual. Nothing unusual happened, but a lot that was out of the ordinary from my traditional concert experiences went on.

I had general admission tickets and arrived early enough to be about 75th in line. We were searched and the GA people had hot orange wristbands attached to their left wrist. I still have mine on.

I ended up with a great spot for the concert. The only problem was in front of me was a couple that were holding each other in their arms as if they were dancing, behind me was the same thing but the guy was standing behind his girlfriend with his arms on her stomach. To my left, I thought it was two crazy guys excited about the Weezer concert, but not all excited guys are as touchy feely as these two were. They also spent much of the time before the show in the latter position mentioned above. To my right was a group of four guys who looked like they had emerged from the darkness of a Star Trek convention.

All of this was not enough to make me give up my spot. Of course I should have. That would've meant I would have had time to pick up a Weezer hat from the concession stands. By the time I returned at the end of the concert, they were sold out. I also paid a ridiculous amount for merchandise including $4 for a sticker and $15 for a flying W neclace. I also picked up a Weezer CD for $20 that was autographed by the band. A steal I say.

So I watch the opening bands, noting that The Start, a new waveish band from LA has a lead singer that looks like Kaia from Real World Hawaii if she had Gwen Stefani's hairstyle from the Return Of Saturn videos.

Cold, who as far as I'm concerned are straight from Hell, really tried more to get us to hate them than to gain our respect. After a minor chant of "Weezer" broke out, the lead singer flipped us off, and said something heelish. After the next song, he had not forgotten the chant. "Weezer didn't ask us to be here, the fuckin' Gods did. So fuck you, fuck you and fuck you." And Rivers listens to their music. I guess everybody's got their something. Their bassist had a Jason mask and was one of the scariest human beings I have ever seen. One of the guitatists looked like the Blue Meanie (from the wrestling world, not the Beatles) and their lead singer looked like Dave Attell with the lead singer of Creed's voice. Plus he wore one of those black thin gothic skirts like Mosh and Thrasher used to wear.

It seemed that the mosh pit's formed everywhere I was standing. Once I was caught in the middle of one. I was always on the outer edge pushing people back in which led to me getting bumped around a time or two. Plus the constant pushing and shifting in the crowd left me crushed more than a few times and nearly tipped me over even more times than that.

So Weezer's stage is set up, and no sign of the flying W. I get pushed from near the front to at least twelve rows back. The pushing gets out of control with many people leaving their positions at the front of the stage out of concerns of their own safety. I begin to flashback to the trampling deaths I've heard of at The Who concert in Cincinatti some years back as well as when AC/DC played the Salt Palace ten years ago. It must have been nearly an hour before the band finally took the stage and opened with Island In The Sun.

We were also treated with favorites like In The Garage, Say It Ain't So, Hash Pipe, Crab, Smile, Knock Down Drag Out, Glorious Day, Photograph, Don't Let Go, Undone and one song from Pinkerton (Tired Of Sex) as well as numerous new songs. They came out to an encore after three minutes of solid cheering. No doubt a planned encore. It was at this time that we saw not one, but two flying W's lighting up the stage. Buddy Holly, Hash Pipe and Surfwax America were played.

The packed bodies smelled like a locker room. I was so drenced with sweat (mine and others) that by the time Weezer took the stage, I was wiping my face of the sweat after every song. While walking up the concourse, I peeled off the sticky jersey I wore for the specific reason that it would keep me cool in a situation like this. Underneath it, my Weezer shirt was stuck to me.

I saw a guy from my bowling class who talked Weezer with me last semester. He no doubt had reserved seating judging by his hair still being neat and his clothes not being soaked.

I headed to Burger King immediately after the concert where I got my burgers and drink. As I entered the house, I noticed that neither TV was on, nor were two of the lights from the living room and the dining room. It turns out the light bill has been high no doubt due to the constant running of electricity to the shed for dad's computers. I finally drifted to sleep sometime after 11:30.

I'm watching (at least I was as of 2:30 when this entry was to debut) Six Days, Seven Nights starring Anne Heche, Harrison Ford and David Schwimmer. I'm really enjoying this movie. It's got everything I look for.

Random Weezer lyric:

"Give me a chance if you can force yourself

Look at me girl and get up off your shelf

'Cause you wanted some love

I'll make it happen"


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