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September 19, 2001 // 9:17 p.m. // The future of America

My sister and I discussed my crush on Mistie today. She's friends with her, and the two talk in math class all of the time. She shared with me stories that she's told and little more about her. I told her that next time I head to Park City I'll take her with me. It wasn't until the talk was over that she mentioned she had a boyfriend. No biggie. Her look is a little too preppy and Sweet Valley High for me.

I picked her and her friend Dominique up from school. I drove them over to a local elementary school, where they (the schools class officers) were to hand out achievemnt pins to fourth graders and to inspire them that they could do it too with hard work. In the hour they were busy, I drove along 1300 East just as my alma matter was getting out of school. I didn't recognize one face, but what do you expect? The only faces I would recognize would be those of juniors and seniors and a few sophomores I worked with through the Youth Teaching Youth program. The freshman all looked like junior high students. They look younger every year.

After reminiscing, I headed back toward the school, picked them up, dropped off Dominique and headed home.

Dominique is a bright girl. In addition to the AP and CP classes she's taking, she was accepted to West High's ELP program. So thirsty for knowledge in fact, only minutes after I picked her up she peeled off the rubber band and began to read the local paper from September 12th that had been on the back seat of my car for the last week. By the time I dropped them off ten minutes later, she had tri-folded the paper back up, as neatly as she had found it.

Now if only my friends would leave my car that neat at the end of the night.


Random Weezer lyric:

"First, there's rules about old goats like me

Hangin' 'round with chicks like you -but I do like you-

And another one: you say "like" too much"

-Falling For You

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