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September 19, 2001 // 1:19 p.m. // Why bother?

I've come to the conclusion that being on time to my first class is an impossibility.

After getting caught in the longest traffic jam I've experienced yet, I decided to take what I thought was the shortcut Brock from english was telling me about. "Take Deer Run to the main street and you can't miss it." Easy in theory, right Brock? Of course I doubt I took Deer Run, because the street I turned onto read 8200 South. I followed the rest of the cars making the same turn onto this street as I did, assuming they knew what they were doing.

After 10 minutes of following through farming areas and rural neighborhoods, I thought about the possibility of this not being the way. As I watched the street that leads you into Ogden in the distance, I realized no major street was going to connect me to the city. I was only getting farther away, and my only other roads were small and residential.

But what can I do, right? I've gone this far (an estimated 10 miles) I might as well keep going. Less than a half a mile after this, I see the familiar I-84 freeway. "At least I know where I am" I thought to myself as I made a left turn onto it, knowing that I could end up only three miles from where I originally turned off after being caught in the traffic jam if I had turned right.

So I'm driving down a freeway I know somewhat toward Riverdale, a suburb five miles outside of Ogden. It's here that I realize it's 7:46, and I'll never make it to school on time. Because of this I take my time, casually turn onto a one way street that will lead me right to the school.

The street is packed because the genius who designed it turns the road from two lanes to one before going back to two lanes mere yards aftewrward. Plus, a brunette in a gold brand new Mazda 626 refused to let me in when the lanes became one, and I cursed her out and followed her up to the parking lot. There was absolutely no room for me to pull further up. It was either get in then or not at all.

8:00, National Public Radio on in the shuttle, and the shuttle makes a few little detours it's never made before. First to the theater department area, then along a smaller road near all of the construction going on at school. When I finally arrive into class at 8:07ish, I'm extremely embarrassed as I was for the other eight days I was late.

The rest of the day flowed smoothly. I saw Allison from last year again, as well as Terri Girl. Nicole was forced to stand on the shuttle (right in front of me) until more people were let off. I was hoping she'd sit next to me after the shuttle emptied a little, but she instead opted to sit across from me and to talk to her friend about a ska band he's in.

Que sera, sera.

P.S. My "daily basis" crush list can fluctuate from anywhere between four and seven people, not counting Mistie.

P.S.S. I've updated the quotes on my profile page a week behind schedule. Check back on the 6th for new ones after these.

Random Weezer lyric:

"I know I should get next to you

You've got a look that makes me think you're cool

But it's just sexual attraction

Not somethin' real so I'd rather keep wackin'"

-Why Bother

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