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December 24, 2021 // 5:44 p.m. // The one where I have more fun than I should singing along to Lorde.

I last mentioned my friend Cindy in this entry last week. When I last saw her, she had reminded me of her upcoming performance on the 23rd, and I told her I'd do my best to make it. I genuinely wanted to make this show. After being invited to her performances since July, the only one I'd made was the one where she performed solo without her band member.

I planned my day around it, and still almost forgot. I had made plans to drive 25 miles up north to pick up some items all so that I wouldn't miss it, but only remembered it roughly 30 minutes after the performance had started. Since it was in a brewery and scheduled for two hours, I didn't worry, but did head over at roughly seven o'clock.

The show itself was as wonderful as I'd expected, and filled with a few covers (Lorde, Stone Temple Pilots, Oasis to name a few) that were fun to sing along to. An interesting woman who sat down at the same picnic bench that I was (who I later learned was named Shiloh) caught my attention and we sang along to those covers.

After the show, many of the people who were there (and knew each other) went over to a bar a half block down the street for food. The thing is, I was starving. I hadn't had anything to eat in over two days at this point. I had planned to eat the day before, but kept putting it off. But I had planned on making it over to Del Taco for some burritos after the show. Still, unable to resist the human interactions that I've craved so much throughout the pandemic, I made my way over, arriving early.

We stayed over there for roughly three hours, and though I rarely spoke, I felt I was able to learn a lot about Cindy's friends. Despite my hunger, I resisted the fried pickles and what only can be described as chopped vegetables inside of an avocado-looking shell, as well as the "Canadian fries" which was actually poutine. I'm glad someone else at the table mentioned the ease of simply calling it that.

Today is Christmas Eve, and I have no actual plans for tomorrow. I may go through some of my boxes, do some organizing and accomplish some of the tasks I'd been putting off for several weeks. I plan on making this weekend productive, absent the usual distractions and attempt to correct the direction of the ship. The new year will be here in a week. I want to make some big changes to see if I can change the trajectory.

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