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July 24, 2004 // 11:03 p.m. // Because in Utah, we rock it twice.

A quickie:

According to our weather bug thingy, it's 91 degrees:

Need I remind you it's 11:00 at night and we don't have any form of cool air going? No wonder it's hard to sleep. The temperature is not much of a surprise though. It hits 95 for a high, and doesn't cool down until about five in the morning.

To all the locals (for which this day has meaning) I wish you a happy 24th of July. To everyone else in areas where July 24th is just another day on the calendar, I say you're missing out on another chance to light up the sky with your favorite legal/illegal fireworks:

I was a bit annoyed by the non-local Fox anchor messing up the famous Brigham Young quote by saying that "the 24th of July celebrates the day that Brigham Young entered the Salt Lake valley and said, 'this is the right place.'"

This is the right place? *groan*

My neighbor and best friend for years is down the street at her old house watching the firework show of a neighbor with her kids. I'm watching the same show from the other side of the street and about the same distance away. I really should go down and talk to her, because it's a shame that even though we have little in common and wouldn't be friends now, there's really no excuse for kids who asked their parents when they got home from preschool if the other stopped by (I have the tapes to prove it) to have not spoken in six years.

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