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September 13, 2004 // 7:02 a.m. // Annoyance, really

I mentioned a few weeks ago (in an entry that I ended up deleting) that every girl I know (none of the guys I know are doing this) happen to have one thing in common, and that thing happens to be something that really annoys me.

It was easy to go down the list of people I interact with often, people I interact with marginally or the people I interact with very rarely to realize that none of the guys that I know do this, but every girl does. In fact, I became friends with four girls last week, and quickly realized that they all do this too. Like I said in the other entry, I don't think it has anything to do with their gender, I just think it's something that these specific people that I know have in common.

Last week, I realized that I know *one* girl that doesn't do this. Just one. And I'm barely friends with her. In fact, I'd say that we aren't friends, but she's simply someone I know.

Maybe I should become better friends with her, because annoyance is something I could deal with a little less right now.

In a somewhat related note, I realized that two years ago today I had lunch with a friend of mine and it was the last time it happened. In fact, that was the last time I talked to her, because she seemingly vanished. She used to be the only person not included in the above group, but then she started doing it too. Eventually, I got the hint.


The current situations aren't like that one, but like I told someone this weekend, it takes awhile for me to get the hint no matter what it's about. You really can't leave any room for me to misinterpret if you're trying to tell me something.

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