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November 13, 2003 // 2:43 p.m. // Art 101 & digicam issues

During the last three class periods of my art class, we've worked on self portraits. We're doing 3/4 profiles, because apparently they're easier. Even the best artists in the class are having difficulty, and for once I don't feel as though everyone's work is leaps and bounds better than mine. You should see some of their still life works. They're almost like photographs.

Part of this can be explained by knowing that amny of them are artists and have taken many of the art classes offered at the university. In fact, when our teacher told us we'd be drawing a model next week, a group of about six students (roughly half the class) began discussing their opposition to certain people. They knew the roster of models by name. That tells me they've done a little work in the art department.

I suppose I'm pleased at how well my stuff has turned out considering I had never before painted on a vertical surface, let alone put a paintbrush to canvas. I'm wondering if letting my teacher know any of this stuff would help my grade.

Anyhow, at 1:00 yesterday (our last official class period to work on them), we decided to critique our works in progress though most of us were already done with "our least favorite project." Once they were all lined up against the wall in the hallway, we all laughed. Up close, they all looked great, but at a distance, there was at least one major problem with all of them. Everyone struggled.

After class I was in the elevator with the girl who looks like Natalie Portman. When we locked eyes, we just let out a laugh. We were both thinking about how the self portraits turned out.

In an unrelated note, I cannot find the battery charger for the digital camera. In fact, the whole family searched for it last night with no luck. I hadn't charged it since early October so I knew it was just a matter of time before the battery died, and it finally did at a concert I went to last night. I'm going to another concert tonight and I really don't want to buy another roll of film and pay for it to be developed when I could just use the digicam. What makes things even worse is we have two chargers for our camcorder, two more chargers that goes to something other than the digital camera, and the battery for the camcorder (which I managed to charge last night) is too big for the camera.

With my luck, it'll turn up tomorrow. It seems to always happen that way.

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