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November 18, 2003 // 10:00 p.m. // Music needs to change

I think I'm going to make a cd composed of lesser known tracks I rocked out to from this year and a cd consisting solely of the female singer-songwriters I hummed along with for most of this year.

And then I'm going to send them to everyone who wants them. Because it's so not right to have to fight through the crowd of oh my god!-'ding teenage girls chatting about the new Britney album while I'm trying to get to Tori Amos' hit collection.

Don't know why I bought it, actually. Not really a Tori fan, but maybe I will be. If not, I can always give it as an Xmas gift.

Concert tomorrow. Had to make a choice and chose against the band I've seen once already this year (Guster) because the album they're promoting isn't high on my list. Instead, I'm going to the Camera Nazi venue because the location was changed at the last minute. When I went to see Guster in April, the venue said no to 35mm cameras but yes to digital and recording equipment. Odd. They were checking kids cameras for the digital screens.

Anyway, I spent $17 on a ticket when all I honestly want to do is meet and listen to opening band Eisley. Worth paying the money? Only if I get to bring my camera in it is.

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