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September 07, 2004 // 7:07 p.m. // Ch-ch-ch-changes

I did this whole "fresh start" thing two weeks ago yesterday when school started. Still a bit sleepy and home alone, I grabbed a pair of right-handed scissors (when I'm a lefty) and began to cut my hair, starting with the back and without the aid of any sort of rear mirror. I just started cutting. And then I grabbed a rubber band, wrapped it around the top of my hair and cut that too.

It wasn't until after I had done it that I thought about what others would think. I had planned on avoiding any questions from my parents as to why I had cut my hair, but that plan failed when I timed my walk outside to their arrival. I just walked a little faster out to my sister's car as I headed off to the grocery store. I even climbed in a window that took me through another room before it reached my bedroom to avoid questions.

And none came.

In fact, I'm a bit surprised, but very relieved that people didn't act super shocked or make a big deal over my hair being cut for the first time since January of 2001.

The first person to see it was my friend Chad, as I met him to get concert tickets. "Did you cut your hair?" he asked, as we bought the first two Rachael Yamagata tickets and two of the last Pixies tickets. And that was that.

The next people were local musicians that I've become friends with this year. Neither mentioned it, but one of them said, "I owe you an email."

Eventually, I ran into my sister when she came home for the weekend, and a few other musicians who mentioned it, but didn't make a big deal about it. Again, I was glad that I didn't have to explain why I had done so because I really have no explanation, let alone one that would suffice.

With the exception of my sister, none of those people knew me before 2004, therefore, they really don't know what I used to look like and it's a surprise.

It's nice to not have so many people staring at me. I had forgot what that was like.

I'm not sure why I spent so long on this. I had been trying to come up with a way to write about it for weeks, then abandoned them all for this impromptu entry.

But now I have no clever way to end it. Shoot.

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