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August 08, 2004 // 12:23 p.m. // Compiled

"The slack that I've cut them is due to the potential I see in them or their past decent behavior which only goes so far until their credit is overdrawn."

It's pretty sad when you have to use that to describe someone that was once quite close to you.

I've been reading old emails all day, that have been making me mad at people all over again. That's the biggest downside of saving them. There was a specific one that almost sparked an entry, but fortunately, I thought better of it.

I could be painting right now. Yesterday, I finished the basic part of a painting inspired by an incident that I refer to as, "leggy Lizzie blonde in black bounding from BMW." I have to wait for the paint to dry (sheesh. How long does it take?) in order to add a few things on top of it, like writing.

I'm thinking of buying a bigger piece of canvas, due to the fact that the 16x20 or so piece barely sufficed. I may try it again, since I'm not happy with the result. But how is that different from the rest of the paintings?

It came to my attention while talking to someone, that after spending three hours chatting at a coffee shop with Shannon, that the person at the art store may have been flirting with me. I disagree, but only because if you were there and put it in context, it wasn't very flirty. Only very complimentary. They told me that I smelled good. They asked if it was incense and a few other things. After responding no to all three, I wasn't about to say anything. There was a pause, and rather than leave them wondering, I commented, "it might be the patchouli oil I'm wearing." "That's it!" was the reply.

It would have been much more interesting had the flirting been done by the girl at the coffee place rather than a cashier in an art store.

The picture, by the way was taken "stealth style" while the cute to me (but probably not to many others. "Too artsy" my friends would say) coffee shop girl's friend (boyfriend?) played the didgeridoo. The whole hippy style thing of the two of them and their friend outside was interesting. The guy pulled up in one of those vans with a ladder on the back and pulled out a set of bongos and the didgeridoo from the back.

Ok, that paragraph began jumbled. Hopefully, heads or tails can be made of it.

I'm not a coffee drinker. Therefore, I'd love to say I'll be back to that coffee shop often, but I hadn't been there in close to two years and even that was with friends and not by choice. I think I'll have to go back though. Not because of a cool haired girl named "Kat", but because I heard what a chai drink is, and I really want to try it.

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