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November 20, 2003 // 1:06 a.m. // Why me?

There's almost nothing worse than going to a concert, sneaking in an illegal camera, finding a fairly good spot near the stage where you can take pictures of Chauntelle and Sherri of Eisley, most of Hot Rod Circuit and despite the mosh pits, of Brand New too.

Yep. Almost nothing worse.

Nothing worse than waiting around after the show in the cold so that you can get your picture taken with Eisley, only to go home, have the pictures load fine until your computer decides to freeze every time you try to rotate the picture of Sherri 90 degrees counterclockwise. Two pictures in and my computer freezes every time. So as a precaution, I drag the files to a new folder. A split second before they begin to transfer, they somehow get messed up and erased. Every time I put in the memory stick now, it says I need to format it, which means my files are gone.

I'm hoping my dad can do/find someway of recovering them. I think he's done it before. But it doesn't look good now. In the details of the memory stick it reads, "0 files, 0 Bytes."

Oh my. Why couldn't this have happened at school when I was taking useless pictures in an elevator?

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