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September 02, 2004 // 7:34 p.m. // Roadtrippin'

I have the house to myself. My parents left at noon to pick my sister up from school so that she could enjoy the long holiday. The only thing is "picking my sister up from school" isn't as easy as it used to be, as she's now 300 miles away in southern Utah.

The rental car experience was interesting. Due to it being cheaper, we rented one at the airport. Of course, the airport rental stations are made for people without cars already, so we had to park in the passenger pickup zone, making sure one of us stayed in the car at all times, due to the risk of it being towed if left unattended.

My dad went inside and my mom and I stayed. Then, she went inside and I stayed. Finally, she came back, I went inside and she stayed. I had to drive the rental car home, due to the Jeep being a manual transmission.

He told me that we had rented a minivan, due to them not having any cars available. As we made our way along the long row of parked vans (ours was in spot number 36), I got excited. Every minivan was a , and I've always wanted to see the inside of one.

30...31...32...33...all Pacifica's. It was at this moment that I saw a Taurus and a regular old Dodge Caravan. I almost groaned. And that's what we had. A regular Caravan. Granted, it was nice. It had the overhead console with the trip computer telling you your gas mileage as well as the temperature outside. It also had the vents for rear passengers that could be controlled by people up front or in back. I enjoyed driving it, especially since it was by far the quietest car I've ever driven. You couldn't even tell it was on when it was. It really made me want a new car of any kind.

I figured the Pacifica may have been a luxury vehicle, which likely cost $10-20 more, which is why we didn't get it.

They sure did go to a lot of expense to bring her home for 3 1/2 days. Gas isn't cheap and neither is a rental car. My vote to send her home on Greyhound was nixed (too long my sister complained) but it was only $56. The next time she comes home, it'll likely be in her car. The reason she didn't drive it home this weekend is her boyfriend has been using it for the last two weeks. We really need to get that boy a car, because it's making it hard for my sister to get a job down there without it, and well...he just needs a car. And he can't be picky about it, because it affects many of us.

But I'm enjoying my day alone. Now all I need to do is get a second job somewhere, so that I can move into an apartment and gain that feeling full time.

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